Beautiful pairing of blue & peach eyeshadow

Beautiful pairing of blue & peach eyeshadow

Love love her peach nude lips and the intense lower lid eyeshadow & lashes.

Love love her peach nude lips and the intense lower lid eyeshadow & lashes.


Smoky eyes for monolids

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Night Sparks: Black and Violet-Blue Grungy Eye (Inspired by Sethakins7 on Youtube)

There are a few people that I really enjoy watching but are sort of “undiscovered” gems on Youtube. Sethakins7 is articulate, intelligent, passionate (and wise) about beauty, and it’s just a pleasure to hear him talk sometimes. 

(We also have the same taste in bags and nail polish; I blame him for selling me on Chanel Peridot Varnish.)

This look isn’t a recreation of his Signature Eye Look; just loosely inspired by it. I went a lot heavier on the lower lids because I wanted a very grungy, smoldering, lived-in look.

Step 1: I applied a creamy black shadow pigment to the lids (L’oreal Infallible in Eternal Black). PACK - don’t rub - this on, or you won’t get that even, opaque-black finish. Tilt your head forward a little as well, just so you can avoid most of the fallout.

Step 2: For the lower lid, you can choose to just run a little black along your lash line if you’re feeling a little conservative, but hey - have a little fun and do a rock-star look once in awhile. Press the flat of your brush against the lower lid and run it back and forth along the bottom curve of your eye ball. 

Make no mistake, if you don’t have shadows beneath your eyes, this will give you some.

Step 3: The fun part. Take any pigment or shadow you have and pack it just in the center of the upper and lower lids, over the black, buffing slightly to blend. I chose a blue-violet pigment because I have dark brown eyes and this will bring them out.

Step 4: Finish with black kohl along the inner rims of your lids (I used kohl from The Body Shop) and black mascara (Maybelline Great Lash). 


Still battling with that blue liner? That blue shadow looking funky? Re-discover your blue eye makeup! Check out these four ways to pull off that difficult blue shadow you’ve always wanted to wear beautifully. 

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Perfect winged liner

Perfect winged liner

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Ardell DuraLash Flare Short Black

My staples for a night out. It opens up the eyes without being too dramatic.



Golden Godess (Honey gold dark brown smokey eye)

Reminds me of the beautiful colors of the sunrise

Sephora Stop

Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat in No.3

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